A Bali Birthday not to be forgotten!

Monica's Walk

So I turned 28 on Friday April 26th this year…and was incredibly lucky to be able to celebrate is such fine company! If I had to use one word to describe the day, it would be ‘SWEET.’ I have pasted some photos below…

Upon meeting Jody on the path to walk to class in the morning, I was greeted with an enormous birthday hug and a gift of precious chocolate that she brought with her from Australia. This stuff is dangerously good, to say the least! We arrived to Anhera, as usual and after many individual ‘happy birthdays’ we proceeded with out yoga practice from 9-1130. Usually we have a break at this point to eat some breakfast. I was just about to indulge in my avocado when the sound of the ‘happy birthday’ song began to fill my surroundings. When I looked up, Anna was walking toward me with a raw, vegan, chocolate mousse cake covered in candles! We all enjoyed this delectable chocolate cake for BREAKFAST! Yes, Shakti had some too. Chocolate cake for breakfast, in Bali, on my birthday…BLISS!

As the day continued, our afternoon session was energy healing – Quantum Touch. The practitioners that were leading the workshop found out it was my birthday and sang a special song to me to open class: Longtime Sun by Snatam Kauer, which just happens to be the very special song that my mom sings to me on special days, or whenever I leave for a new adventure or embark on another journey. Quite special. Paul and Kathy, the QT practitioners, gave me a special energy work session to work on my scoliosis. Let’s just say, I floated home from Anhera that evening 😉

The fun continued…

The entire Teacher Training class all met up for a special dinner that night at a delicious restaurant called Down To Earth. Happy Birthday was sung to me, yet again, as I was presented this time, with Vegan Chocolate Mousse/Fudge Pie and Coconut Ice Cream – which somehow may have outdone the earlier breakfast dessert surprise. I think it took me half an hour to eat this dessert as I wanted to savor each bite for so long that it never disappeared!

Dinner was filled with wonderful conversations, laughter and some pretty hilarious stories. We have such an amazing group of gorgeous people taking part in this teacher training. It’s phenomenal.

Following dinner, a bunch of us decided to go salsa dancing! Could this day get any better?! A friend, Kyle, decided he would schmooze the owner somehow and before I knew it, the band was playing a salsa version of ‘Happy Birthday’ and I was salsa dancing with the owner of the restaurant on an empty dance floor! By the time I returned to my seat, there sat a big bright blue drink with a candle sticking out of a cherry for me. (Unfortunately, we did not enjoy the drink…no alcohol consumption due to the amount of advanced pranayam work we are doing in the course). Oh well.

We walked home under the stars at the end of the night. My face hurt from smiling and laughing to much throughout the day…the best sign of a perfect 28th birthday in Bali. 🙂
















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