Bali – The Master Yoga Teacher Training Begins!

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Hello from Ubud, Bali! For those of you around the globe, who may not be in direct physical communication with me, I have embarked on the next chapter for living, and another adventure is setting in! I left upstate New York on April 17th to travel to Bali, Indonesia to continue training with my amazing yoga teacher, Shakti Mhi. Over the next 6 weeks, I will be completing an intense 500 hour yoga teacher training. A few of the new unfoldings will include the teaching of Entrainment yoga, restorative yoga, advanced Hatha yoga, advanced pranayama, Zen meditation, laughter yoga, Quantum Touch Healing, and whatever else may continue to unfold as we dive into these divine teachings…

It took me about 2 days to get settled in to this beautiful, soothing and spiritual environment. Shakti plunged deep on the first day of class as we dove straight into the Entrainment Yoga practice. This is the MOST beautiful and powerful yoga practice I have ever experienced. Shakti does not even take credit for its becoming. She states that it simple came through her and took her a year to decipher and figure out for herself. From there, her beloved Pepe, who just happens to be an internationally renowned sound healer and musician, manifested a musical masterpiece to accompany these divine flows. The result: 7 enchanting yoga flows with pranayama, mudras, chanting and sound healing all at specific vibrations and frequencies, designed to open an tone each of the 7 chakras.

Thus far I have completely learned the first chakra and have been moderately exposed to the 2nd. Without the slightest bit of exaggeration, I can say that this is an immensely powerful practice with profound effects. Entrainment yoga, is especially profound when practiced as a group. It allows the group as a whole, to shift their vibration to a higher frequency and expand their level of consciousness. Thus, the ultimate goal of Yoga (which many of us in the West, are allowing ourselves to forget).

I will write more on Entrainment Yoga as the practice continues to unfold…
(please do not hesitate to ask questions, as they come)

Below is a sunset view from the “living room” of my space for the next 4 weeks. Blessed 🙂


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