New Zealand – the other side of the world!

Monica's Walk

Upon arrival in Christchurch, South Island of New Zealand,we rented a gutted out mini-van and turned it into our home for the next month.There were ups and there were downs (think about sharing a 10×4 space withanother person for 30 days) – but then add in being surrounded by some of themost pristine and gorgeous landscape in the entire world. Let’s pray for anabundance of sun, patience and strong legs. Ready, set, go!

Given the gift of good luck right from the first day of ourroad trip through the most amazing country of New Zealand. It feels so good tobe back. J

The second sign that I’m in the right place! Immediatelypulled a U-turn to buy some goodies from this little treasure. The place wasfilled with organic and local (obviously) produce, jams, honey, cheese, plants,garlic, spices, herbs, etc. There was no one working, just a jar at the counterthat said “Be honest. Please see price tag and leave what you can.” Love.

We arrived during the night and awoke to find a millionairesplayground in front of us. Who needs a car when you have a plane, boat and thisgorgeous view…

Rock cairn numero uno…time to TREK! (the low view)

…and the high view!
Priority: find the most insanely gorgeous views to wake upto every morning. This became quite the task since we did a lot of nighttimedriving. The night previous, we had ventured down a stone road and almost drovestraight into this lake. Thank you moonlight! (We had to turn our lights offwhen close to avoid getting in trouble for this one. Rebels J)

Have I mentioned I am in love with waterfalls? …and more inlove with hiking to insanely beautiful ones in the middle of nowhere.

Trekkingthrough the sunlit hills of New Zealand.
Say what?! This guy looks like he’s been living in themountains for 6 months! Someone get a close-up of that facial hair! J

More trekking views. The definition of beautiful.

Hello Milford Sound. Time to play.

Easily the most fun I have had kayaking in my entire life.Every direction I looked took my breath away. The beauty of this place isunsurpassed by any other. The perfect balance between calming beauty andundeniable power of both land and water.

A seal sun-bathing in the Milford Sound. (view from mykayak)

We kayaked to the Milford Track – one of the most famoushikes in the entire world.

Look at this fool! How can anyoneconsider taking him seriously hahaha!

Sun going down at the end of anunforgettable day in the Milford Sound.

Sunrise ‘chill time’. Check outthat blue sky.

In order to share current thoughts, I am going to publish this post now to share the photos from New Zealand. Upon my return to the US, I will continue to update the blog as the thoughts flow in. For now, enjoy the photos, they are in chronological order of the journey from the South to North islands of New Zealand.

All love.


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