Building Resilience – An Introduction to The DAG Method


Every Thursday from June 3 to July 22: 6pm PDT

The DAG Method was created by one of our world’s most profound movement experts – Dave Daglow.

It is a revolutionary way to train your body.
It’s unconventional.
AND, It works.
DAG training principles and movement techniques are specifically designed to keep your body moving effortlessly and pain free.

During this 8-week course you will learn:

The foundational principles of the DAG Method.
The cues that will transform how you exercise for the rest of your life.
A full-body, minimalist, training routine.
Designed to significantly improve your posture.
Reduce critical muscle imbalances – building strength and flexibility where you need it most.
Optimize your movement in all directions.


WHEN: Thursday’s @ 6 pm PDT from June 3rd – July 22
*Recordings available for those who miss a class(es)

WHERE: ZOOM invite after registering below

BRING: Yoga mat, water

WHO: EVERYONE who can independently get up and down off of the floor.
*You can make these exercises as intense as you want!

Investment: $200
*This course will sell out – register ASAP

If you would like to take this course but the current day/time does not work for you. Please send me an email, I will gather info and teach a second class.

*The DAG Method is accessible to humans of ALL ability levels. All that is required is a desire to upgrade their health and well-being.

Come join the movement.
Slow the aging process.
We will revolutionize exercise together.

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