Building Resilience – The Foundational DAG Method Course

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Eight 60-90 minute modules

The DAG Method was created by one of our world’s most profound movement experts – Dave Daglow.

It is a revolutionary way to train your body.
It’s unconventional,

DAG training principles and movement techniques are specifically designed to keep your body moving effortlessly and pain free.

During this eight-lesson course you will learn:

The foundational principles of the DAG Method.
The cues that transform how you exercise for the rest of your life.
A full-body, minimalist, training routine.
The simple potent path to significantly improve your posture.
How to reduce critical muscle imbalances – building strength and flexibility where you need it most.
How to optimize your movement in all directions.


Purchasing this class grants you a subscription to access the classes until Dec. 31, 2023.

What you’ll need: Yoga mat, water

WHO: EVERYONE who can independently get up and down off of the floor.
*You can make these exercises as intense as you want!

*The DAG Method is accessible to humans of ALL ability levels. All that is required is a desire to upgrade one’s health and well-being.

Come join the movement.
Slow the aging process.
We will revolutionize exercise together.

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7 reviews for Building Resilience – The Foundational DAG Method Course

  1. Travis

    This course was excellent and much more than an introduction. After dedicating my 20″s almost exclusively to mountain sports I have spent much of my 30’s dealing with significant daily pain and a diminished ability to do the sports I love. This course has created a foundation for me to successfully manage my chronic lower back pain. I have almost eliminated my daily chronic pain and have been able to improve my strength and coordination.

    Monica has a unique ability to facilitate more control over your body in a relaxed and fun environment!

    Monica’s DAG and CFR classes have been exactly what I needed.

  2. Tracy

    I have just completed the “Building Resilience – An Introduction to The DAG Method” online class, and I love it! In 8 weeks, I’m stronger, my muscles more toned, my posture is vastly improved, and wrist pain completely gone.

    Anyone can do these exercises – we started at the basic level, and there are plenty of progressions for people who desire or are ready for a higher level of difficulty. In exercises where I had some difficulty or confusion, Monica was able to give me specific instructions to build up to proper form. I feel that her experience as a physical therapist gives her a superior understanding of the human body, and that this really informs her care and instruction in teaching the DAG Method, and engenders a high level of trust.

    Having access to the instruction videos is a great visual aid, and very helpful in reminding you of instructions and cues – they’re a valuable part of the course. I would recommend this course to anyone!!

  3. Jody

    What a great class last week…in fact they’ve all been awesome.

    Loved the hand exercises to counteract the gripping motion of daily life. My hands felt so good afterward and weren’t keen to go back to daily life gripping Emoji. I’m noticing that when cheeking my stomach muscles are automatically pulling in at the same time. I feel like my hips are becoming more stable. I have definitely noticed I’m holding myself more upright and behind the imaginary pane of glass when I’m walking which I think is helping to correct some knee pain I’ve been having recently.

    Looking forward to the next few classes.

    Big love

  4. TLC

    Just to share some of what I notice with the DAG exercises:

    – Slouching down into a chair is starting to feel very uncomfortable ~ I find myself adjusting/stacking my body in a more upright position.

    – I check in with the forced posture cues throughout the day, and find myself figuring out or playing with which ones would help me with whatever it is I’m doing.

    – I know my posture is better, and I feel more confident, and much less anxious (because I’m not leaning into future what if’s?) than I normally might feel in present circumstances ~ I have a lot going on right now – for one, my husband has been down with his back for over a month with no improvement. That really makes me want to work on these exercises!

    – I moved a half wine barrel planter filled with wet dirt and plants, 5 feet, all by myself, without hurting myself. Initially it felt unbudgable. I’m not sure exactly how I did it, but I know I used my whole body to shift it incrementally, because I have the sore muscles to prove it, like I just did a whole workout.

    – I am really enjoying a sense of myself feeling present and grounded, aware of myself and how I’m moving in my surroundings. And that translates to almost every moment or activity, and feels really good!

    So that’s what I can think of at the moment. Thanks for all you do Monica!

  5. Evan Buzzell

    This course helped me so much! Monica is an incredible teacher and the way she lays out the dag method allows you to see WHY we should be exercising like this. She helps you understand how to move through life with INTENTION and build a level of resilience that will carry along with me in to old age. My back feels excellent! I literally carry the knowledge this course taught me throughout all my days.

  6. Clint

    I just completed the DAG course and all I can say is WOW! This is truly a game changer. As we age, it’s so common for us to think that pain, discomfort, and mobility issues are just “normal.” Intuitively I never bought into this, and I knew there had to be another way. But I was seeing what everyone else was – the more people are exercising and moving and focusing on fitness and strength training, the more injuries are happening and the more our mobility is being limited as we age. It’s almost as if we’re training our bodies with movements that work against our natural physiological design.

    Through Monica’s teachings, I learned exactly why and how that is, and more importantly, how to reverse course. This class is the perfect foundational primer to learn how to move, strengthen, and carry our bodies in ways that create powerful, resllient bodies in alignment with our natural design. I knew there had to be a better way to strengthen and move our bodies, and the principles Monica teaches in this course absolutely nail it.

    I’ve already seen an improvement in everything from aches and pains to strength to mobility to deeper breathing capacity. I’m so thankful I found this program as early as I did. I really believe its going to change the world of PT and injury recovery – but more importantly, injury PREVENTION and LONGEVITY. The DAG method is 100 PCT a way of life for me now. No looking back!

  7. Chad

    Highly recommend this course for other marathon runners and anyone who wants to build strength and transform their posture for the better. I had been dealing with runners knee and noticed a decrease in pain after just a few sessions. Monica’s dynamic stretches and exercises activate my muscles in a way I haven’t experienced before. I am definitely a stronger, more upright runner as a result and recently ran one of my fastest half marathons after starting race morning with a mini DAG routine. The results have spread into my everyday life as well. I am more aware of my body and how I carry myself, which has led to more energy and confidence. With the DAG foundations under my belt, I feel in control and ready to run for years to come.

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