DAG Expansion Course: Optimize Your Movement


*Prerequisite: DAG Fundamentals Course.

Six 60-90 minute modules

You’ve laid the foundation for change and now it’s time to LEVEL-UP!

The more often you focus and do these exercises, the more unnecessary and harmful habits you will BREAK away from in your body. The more often you practice, focus and integrate these specific cues, the faster you replace the old habits with these life changing, injury preventing, anti-aging ones.


This 6-session Module can be done at your own pace if desired, live schedule of class release listed below. Once released you’ll have continued access.

Sessions will be released weekly (starting September 9nd) with a few breaks to allow necessary time for practice prior to moving forward.

*You do not need to start Sept 9th, however this is when classes/recordings will first become available. If you want live feedback or have questions, attend the live classes.

Schedule: (recordings of live classes will be available for viewing within 24 hours):

1.)   Sept 9th: Live on Zoom – 6 pm PST
2.)   Sept 16th: On Demand – Roll and Release
3.)   Sept 30th: Live on Zoom – 6 pm PST
4.)   Oct 7th: Live on Zoom – 6 pm PST
5.)   Oct 14th: On Demand – Upgrade Your Movement
6.)   Oct 28th: Live on Zoom – 6 pm PST

Most classes will be live to allow for real-time question/answer sections and visual feedback while learning new techniques (recorded so you can listen at any time), while others will be stand-alone instructional classes that you can replay and simply follow the instructions on a regular basis.

1. How to set up a minimalist home/travel gym space with everything you need to continue (timelessly valuable).
2. Full understanding of Relative Strength: one of the most important concepts you’ll ever learn (and FEEL) to understand your body and how to actually gain strength and flexibility exactly where you want it.
-> Here you gain the tools you need to prevent injury and move through current imbalances related to pain.
3. DAG ROLL AND RELEASE PROGRAM: Specific methods for releasing and lengthening tight or knotted muscles: learn what actually works and how to take care of yourself on a deeper level. This is crucial.
->These techniques have been a life changer for myself both on a personal, physical level and how I teach my clients how to take care of themselves effectively.
4. Upgraded Home Program: Take your strength, flexibility and overall mobility to the next level with progressions, new exercises, and advanced cuing.

The entire DAG Method is based on understanding and experiencing your own predictability – which gives you the tools you need to meet your goals and slow the aging process with ONE straight forward method.

Let’s build this community TOGETHER and THRIVE.
This is your chance to enter on the ground level and keep going!


*Purchasing this class grants you a subscription to access the classes until Dec. 31st, 2021.
Building Your Minimalist Home/Travel Gym:

To get the most out of this course I recommend having the following:
1. Basic Foam Roller: 36 inches
2. Exercise Ball: 55 cm
3. Theraband set with wrist cuffs
4. Massage ball (Single, double or both) – Tennis ball sized

*Links to products on amazon will be attached in your PDF for your convenience.

Remember: Some of the DAG Level 2 classes will be created as stand alone classes that will be useful to just turn on and practice on a regular basis so you don’t have to think. Just DO and FEEL.


Sign up by our release date: Sept 9th and have completed The DAG FOUNDATIONS course to get the most use and access from this course.

Keep practicing the Foundations work before we layer in more details and techniques.

Thank you for all the trust and for making history with me.
Let’s keep going!

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