The Five Tibetans Morning Practice

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Join me in this sweet and powerful 10 minute morning practice.

This 3 part guided video includes:
1. Full exploration of the teachings with ample education and understanding of material, background, purpose and practice.
2. Daily practice: Full form version
3. Daily practice: Modified form version.

Once purchase details are completed you will receive an email that states “Your Order is Complete”. Open the email, on the right hand side is a download key for “Complete Five Tibetan Rites.” You will be guided from there. Have a great journey!

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2 reviews for The Five Tibetans Morning Practice

  1. Tracy

    Thank you Monica – I love The FiveTibetans Morning Practice! Even though I have taken the workshop with you in person, I found the videos and written information extremely useful, as it’s been a few years, and I found myself having questions on form. It’s nice to be able to tweak my practice, and so easy to do with your great visuals. I have recently added The Five Tibetans back into my morning, and it definitely makes a difference! My day seems to go so much better when I do the practice – my spine feels open and flexible, my mind is clear and calm, my day seems to flow more smoothly, without the negative self talk that may tend to creep in, and my energy levels seem to stay at a more even keel without all the highs and lows. And this is true whether I do (give myself permission!) to do just three of each Rite, or more. I can see an increase in my strength and stamina as I continue to build on the practice. I also really appreciate your call to pay attention and be present – it really is a new experience every day. And it was nice to hear your voice again! 🙂
    Thanks again Monica!
    Love and joy to you ~

    • Monica

      Thank you Tracy! I’m honored to share this with such a beautiful soul. Happy that it’s serving you as a tool to enhance your experience of your life! All Love, Monica

  2. Nanae

    I started practicing The Five Tibetan Rites at the end of 2018, gifted this program to myself for the new year. I’ve been practicing pretty much everyday and my immune system has gotten noticeably improved. I quit smoking right before and my first week was pretty challenging although I’m not so much of weak person. I barely did 11 reps and felt nausea and my eyes were rolling… but after second week gradually I started feeling better, and never got sick during this winter when everybody else were sick at work! Also, even when I wake up with stiffness (I’m a massage therapist and it happens very often) after the practice my body feels so much better. Now I can’t really think of living my day without The Tibetan Rites. Thank you Monica!! This was a truly meaningful gift to myself.

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