Fundamental CFR Series – Essential Learning

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Your Preliminary Cortical Field Re-education Experience Awaits…
Welcome to CFR; your invitation to heal, grow, and experience living at a higher level.

With this course, you’ll learn important guidelines and essential instructions to get you started on your CFR Journey. It also includes your very first foundational floor lesson: Bringing Your Legs to Standing. You will use the movements learned within this lesson in almost every other CFR lesson that you participate in.

This fundamental course is vital to getting the most out of your CFR experience and is necessary before your first CFR class.

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1 review for Fundamental CFR Series – Essential Learning

  1. Kim Rivera

    When I first started CFR, I was intimidated. Actually, beyond intimidated. Cortical Field Re-education? Dr. Lesslie might as well have spoken to me in a foreign language. However, I was also desperate. As a recovering brain/nervous system injury patient I just wanted to learn how to better control my symptoms of pain and fatigue. So, I took a leap of faith and began my journey with Dr. Lesslie and CFR.

    This Fundamental CFR Series was a great place to start.

    Through two videos, Dr. Lesslie explains what CFR is, how the lessons benefit your body, brain, and nervous system, and goes through a lesson with you. The lesson is voice guided and filmed so you can go at your own pace and do it more than once to check on your progress (an aspect of this lesson that I have appreciated).

    If you are new to CFR or are on the fence as to whether or not you want to begin, I recommend that you check out this series first and contact Dr. Lesslie to review your experience with it. She is empathetic, generous, and intelligent and will honestly answer any questions or concerns you may have with grace.

    What I have gained since starting CFR goes beyond the need to control, I am being taught how to heal at my body’s pace.

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