Entrainment Yoga

"My personal yoga practice began with Monica’s Entrainment sessions a few years ago in Geneva, NY. As a dancer, I knew immediately how special Entrainment was and how extraordinarily skilled Monica was, to be able to lead us through all the Chakras with music cues, flowing motions, and guided breath in sync with others. On our yoga mats, often packed into the room, Entrainment combined spiritual meditation, musical expression, unison movement phrasing, and yoga poses. As a dance educator, I noted Monica’s anatomical knowledge, as well as her yoga expertise and spiritual guidance. Her verbal cueing was perfectly timed, descriptive, soothing, and rhythmically attuned. I was so blown away by the complexity, joy, musicality, and flow of Entrainment that I offered to help Monica publicize her classes, and it is then that I saw her bio’ and realized she had a doctorate in Physical Therapy! Of course she did. Suddenly, I understood the depth of the discipline and intelligence that informed her Entrainment practice and gentle teaching. She was no ordinary yoga teacher, and Entrainment is no ordinary dance or yoga class; it is an exceptional body-mind experience, to be practiced with people of diverse abilities and backgrounds—from the novice “yogi” to the athlete who seeks less stress and more flexibility. It is, quite simply, wonderful, for one’s life, body, soul, mind and spirit."

Dr. Donna Davenport Professor of Dance / Dean of Faculty

"... blessed to have worked side-by-side with such an amazing human being.

"I feel blessed to have worked side-by-side with such an amazing human being, sharing what we love with those who surround us. Monica was the perfect addition to our Explore + Restore Yoga Retreat hosted in Molokai, HI. Monica’s qualification, certifications, knowledge and unique offerings were well received and enjoyed by all of our yogis. Her teaching are fairly complex, yet will grace and ease she makes it easy to follow, very engaging, and fun. I look forward to creating more magic with this truly authentic being. Thank you Monica for being you!"

Tiana Duvauchelle Owner of Yoga House Co.

"She is very present, bringing a really lovely, graceful energy to her classes."

"To anyone considering her services, I highly recommend working with Monica Lesslie. I have taken yoga classes, breathing and relaxation classes, and several workshops with her. She is very present, bringing a really lovely, graceful energy to her classes. She is very aware of the individual needs of her students, and freely shares what she knows with us. Her passion and enthusiasm for her life's work really comes through, and her acceptance and gentle good humor make for an especially positive experience. After her yoga classes, I feel absolutely amazing - my body feels completely energized and rejuvenated, my mind awake and refreshed.

I also recommend her ayervedic consultation services. It was a wonderful experience! She completely validated my own intuitive knowledge of what is good for me, which felt wonderful; she made suggestions for my daily routine that were simple and do-able, and yet which have had a huge impact on my sense of empowerment and well-being; she was absolutely kind and non-judgemental - I never felt embarrassed or judged. At the end of our consultation, I came away very excited about her suggestions and couldn't wait to get started. These are lifestyle changes that I know will have long-term benefits.

I am very excited about her new training in Cortical Field Re-Education, and can't wait to see how this will impact her work in physical therapy and yoga. Thank you Monica!"

Tracy Clark

"Her attention to detail each and every visit has made such a difference in the quality of my life."

“For the past several years she has treated me for a shoulder injury as well as neck issues along with a very painful pulled rib muscle. With each new problem, Monica has always taken the time to listen to my concerns, perform an evaluation and worked with me to develop an action plan. Her attention to detail each and every visit has made such a difference in the quality of my life. In addition, I have been fortunate that my participation in her yoga classes has greatly contributed to my improved health and wellbeing. Thank you, Monica!”

Sandy F. PT client, Yoga student

"I hope she will always be in my life as someone to turn to"

"I have known Monica Lesslie as a Physical Therapist tending to my various ailments for at least 6 years now. Whatever my medical issue, I will not go to any other Physical Therapist but Monica.

Monica thoroughly and completely understands the body’s anatomy and its functions, then competently directs a course of therapy that will bring the body back to its best operative state, depending on the circumstances, etc. She explains to her clients, in layman’s terms, exactly what she is doing and why, so that the patient is as much a party to healing as the therapist is. I believe this is very important to achieve the greatest healing, so I do appreciate her investment of time to communicate that.

Competent and knowledgeable in many modalities and different types of equipment, Monica quickly and skillfully lays out a course of therapy for each patient in her care. She also recommends various types of “home-work”; that is, exercises to be done at home by the patient with or without aids, as well as body postures, heights of chair to computer screen, shoe heel height, etc., whatever is needed to heal the problem and bring the patient back to well-being.

Not only is Monica competent in a Physical Therapist capacity, she is also a very delightful person. Always positive thinking and sensitive to each client’s needs and wants, whether it is a chatty patient or one who is scared, Monica is fully capable of winning over each client to want to achieve their highest goal of improvement to health. With her charming yet sincere personality, Monica gets along very well with everyone she meets, whether that person is a patient, co-worker or Medical Professional, and from what I see is an excellent team player. I would hire her immediately, were I in a capacity to do so.

I truly cannot speak more highly of any Physical Therapist than Monica Lesslie. I hope she will always be in my life as someone to turn to for PT help as well as someone I consider a valued friend."

Marlene Ebinger PT Client

"Monica’s Yoga Created a Better Me"

"I started my yoga journey in July 2013. I received an accidental email forward from a friend. The email stated that there was this new form of yoga starting in July called Entrainment, which was described as a chakra based dance approach to yoga, and it would be the first of its kind to be taught in the U.S. I was intrigued because I love to try new things. When I showed up for the first class I was petrified that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with all of the “yogis.” Needless to say, it was the beginning of my deep love for yoga and for Monica Lesslie. All summer I attended Entrainment class and I fell in love with the form, the instructor, the energy, and the way it made me feel. Because it was my first yoga experience I wanted to do more, try more, learn more, so I slowly started taking Monica’s other classes. I joined her beginner’s class, her intermediate class, and attended her special seminars. She is a wonderful teacher. She approaches her teaching so that it is applicable to anyone and everyone. No matter what ailment you suffer from, or what level you are at, she gives you a modification every step of the way, but at the same time makes you want to reach the next level. She is encouraging, and no matter what set of beliefs you have, she is conscious of it and makes it relevant to you. She is diversely educated and informs you on how each pose affects you medically, scientifically, spiritually, and metaphysically. On a much more personal note – Monica’s yoga has made my panic disorder almost disappear, has made me have an overall happier disposition, has made me more flexible, has made me more knowledgeable about my personal body, and has given me a purpose for caring about the world and all that it can provide and how I can give back. Monica has changed my life – for the better."

Lisa M Bennett Waterloo, NY

"She'll leave you truly full of a hope and love unparalleled to any other"

"I've suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. My practice with Monica was truly one of light, love and relief. Setting intentions for myself that carried me through until the next time we met. I've been to many different yoga instructors in the area and none have been as rewarding and fulfilling as Monica's. She'll leave you truly full of a hope and love unparalleled to any other"

Lindsey Sholly Waterloo, NY

"truly unique as a healer."

"Monica possesses a wealth of knowledge concerning multiple styles of yoga, energy work, and human anatomy. This combined with her grounding, caring, relaxed presence makes her truly unique as a healer. One feels immediately comfortable and at home with her, allowing for a great connection to form between her and all those that she crosses paths with."

Katie B. Finger Lakes, NY

"A Diamond in the Rough"

“What A Blessing! In the first visit, Monica showed more commitment then I received in the 6 weeks at another facility!! I wanted to take the time to let you know you have a gem in your organization with Monica. I cannot remember the date when I started but know I am better from the guidance and true concern that was rendered to me each and every visit.

Monica is extremely patient when you are frustrated at not being able to be better immediately. She takes time to show you what it will look like when you get the position right. She congratulates you on your progress and shows you passion and compassion when you fall short. You always know she wants you to reach all of your goals efficiently but doesn’t push you to the point that could hurt your progress.

I do not know how you found such a diamond in the ruff, but I would keep her by any means necessary! I understand it takes a team get things done. Know that Monica guides her team to success every time. You should now that I took Monica's cards to my doctor when I saw him this past week. I told them if they have a patient that needs that extra care, they need to contact her every time.

Again, thank you for helping me get back to what I know I can push to. If bonuses are given Monica should get one. Know She has your Back, or Knee (in my case)."

DQ CC Personal Life Coach

"I discovered a teacher who supported my growth"

“In Monica’s yoga classes, I discovered a teacher who supported my growth by allowing individual differences. As someone with arthritis and other body challenges, Monica’s classes were a welcome affirmation that it is possible to practice yoga without having to be young, fit, and supple. I appreciate her clear instructions, use of both visual demonstration and verbal descriptions, her radiant energy, and her genuine desire to provide an atmosphere of supportive instruction.”

Cynthia Geneva, NY

"Monica is amazing."

"Monica is amazing. She is a gifted and spiritual teacher and healer who has a beautiful soul. Hope you are well!"

Kerry Ann Dorn Finger Lakes, NY

"She has a true gift!”

“Monica is an amazing physical therapist, yoga instructor and friend. I feel incredibly fortunate that our paths have crossed in all three areas. Her knowledge and expertise have enriched my life both physically and emotionally. I have developed confidence and strength in my body and made a deeper connection mindfully! She has a true gift!”

Holly Rich Clifton Springs, NY

"She was born with the perfect soul."

"A few years ago, Monica and I had a co-op agreement at my fitness studio in downtown Geneva for her to teach her first ever Entrainment Yoga. It was my ultimate pleasure to add her to my class schedule and to give her the space she needed to start her new journey. She came to me at the perfect time :). She has the talent and heart that is called gifted...maybe genius. You decide. She was born with the perfect soul."

Karen Quartaro Fitness Instructor, NY

"There are not enough words to explain my gratitude I have towards her."

“A few years ago, I had my torn my meniscus and turned to Monica, my Physical Therapist. With her regiment of exercises and therapy, I was able to recover much faster than what the doctor anticipated. There are not enough words to explain my gratitude I have towards her. You will not be disappointed.”

Glen Amboy Benicia, CA

“Monica is extremely knowledgeable of the healing process and wellness in general."

“Monica is extremely knowledgeable of the healing process and wellness in general. She takes the time to understand each individual's issues and cares deeply about each patient. She continues to broaden her skills and experience by learning new and different techniques. It has been a pleasure to be one of her patients.”

RB SF Bay Area

"When I leave visits from your care I always feel at very least a lot better than when I entered!!!"

“Hi Monica,
Today you asked for some of my philosophies and an important one I didn't say was "give compliments when deserved". The reason I bring it up in a message is you are deserving of a few compliments. First off your "bed side manner" is calming and you project a feeling of tranquility. Second your knowledge of the what’s and how’s of my shoulder seem to be well developed and your explanations are easy to comprehend. Third when I leave visits from your care I always feel at very least a lot better than when I entered!!! Those are just a few, but I'm sorry I haven't been forthcoming with them prior. I'm sure that in a short time this shoulder thing will be a memory and I can move on with things I want to do like swim and yes even yoga. Thank you again for the care and obvious dedication."

Jason P. Sharp Benicia, CA

"Monica made it a good experience with a little bit of fun thrown in. Thank you!”

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to get physical therapy from Monica. After a broken ankle with lots of new hardware, Monica helped me to regain my strength and balance while walking. I was fearful that I would never regain full function after my accident; however, I am now pain-free and I am able to run again. Physical therapy helped me a great deal and Monica made it a good experience with a little bit of fun thrown in. Thank you!”

Laura Robbins Finger Lakes, NY

"She is a true healer."

"I have been to many of Monica's yoga classes and the practice seems to be exclusively designed for my current needs. I am not sure what magic she possesses to create this sacred beautiful space that focuses on healing and letting go, but it doesn't matter because you will reap the rewards and leave with peace in your heart and a better understanding of who you are and where you need to go. Since Monica has moved to another location I have missed her classes dearly and fondly remember her wisdom. Who remembers most yoga, classes? With Monica's classes, you remember the beautiful feelings she evokes. Lucky for me, when she comes back home, she still takes the time to hold yoga. I highly recommend her in not only yoga but all of her healing avenues because she is a true healer"

Sue Petersen Clinical Nutritionist, NY

"truly special, highly regarded and definitely recommended."

"I have known Monica through her Yoga practice and Ayurveda consultations. Monica is a not only a highly competent and knowledgeable professional in her field, but she also brings her strong intuitive skills, her positive energy and her kind nature to her work and practice. That combination makes her classes and services truly special, highly regarded and definitely recommended."

Peg Haust-Arliss LCSW, Author, Finger Lakes, NY

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