Trekking the Nepal Himalayas – an Adventure of a Lifetime

Monica's Walk

Panorama shot from the Annapurna Base Camp: 6 am; day ~21

‘WOW’ – I can’t think of how else to explain the past 6 weeks of my life. First and foremost, I apologize for the delay in ‘blogging’ over the past week to all of those who have been following the blog and wondering if I returned safely from the mountains. Upon our arrival back to Pokhara, after a month of trekking, I decided I needed to see my family for Christmas. After leaping over MANY bumps in the road along the process of trying to return home, I successfully surprised the heck out of my parents and brother on Dec 22, and showed up in Seneca Falls for what ended up being an extraordinary Christmas for all – well above and beyond the worth of the journey to get here. (Detailed stories coming soon: absence of flight availability, national strike throughout the country of Nepal the day before flying, over 43 hours of traveling and no sleep, etc.) The hugs I received this Christmas holiday were the best presents I have ever received…

As for the trekking – I’ve been brainstorming what to title this blog: ‘The best and most amazing journey of my life!’  ‘How to lose 10 lbs in a month whilst eating as much as you can and never hitting the gym.’ ‘A journey of self-realization, Buddhas, monasteries, mountains and the freshest air in the world.’ I could go on and on and on…

What an all encompassing journey of beauty, trial, self-realization, self-reflection, companionship, exploration…and umm, yellow tap water, dust, garbage in the lower rivers, garbage on the lower elevation trails, donkey dung, did I mention dust, a little ‘something’ in every meal (hair, bugs, glass, unknowns)…haha, but mostly all of the good stuff. Just know that it’s not all roses and sunshine, and I suggest that every single one of you embark on a journey such as this at the right time in your life.

Rather than write a chapter book of stories from my journey, I’ve decided to illustrate as much as possible with photos taken throughout. This may take some time to get through, as I am currently trying to spend quality time with my family for the next few days and plan out the next adventure. As of right now, I will be leaving next week for Africa to volunteer in Botswana (environmental services with animals and land) and Tanzania (helping children with Polio in VERY under served areas). If you are interested in contributing please email me: Both projects are extremely good causes.

For now, I will leave you with a few photos that explain themselves. Plenty more to come.

Thank you all for holding the space, sending positive thoughts and energy and keeping me safe and healthy on this grand adventure!


 One of the longest days of trekking – it felt like walking on the moon…with mountains

 High in the clouds…Bliss
 Descending from Annapurna Base Camp
 Upon the descent from climbing to the Panchak Lama Cave to receive a blessing to cross the pass
One of the very many ‘simple’ monasteries within the Buddhist region (higher elevations)

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