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Monica's Walk

Hello, and welcome!

I’m Monica, creator of Live Your Bliss, and I’m both excited and grateful that you have found your way to my website. I created Live Your Bliss as a platform to share what I have learned and continue to experience throughout my journey, in hopes that you too find something that resonates within you. Throughout the website, you will learn more about my diverse skill set and how it all works together to create an entirely unique way of healing. This blog will function as a place for me to share my adventures and musings; everything from fun to in-depth articles and discussions on various but connected topics in the world of wellness including full spectrum Physical Therapy, Yoga, Ayurveda, CFR, Cup Therapy (Myofascial Decompression), and more! Welcome to your journey to optimal, vibrant health. I challenge you to meet your greatest self along the way.

Here’s a glimpse of little adventure up in the hills of Malibu a while back. I stayed in a caboose train car that was turned in to a wonderful Airbnb rental! There were all sorts of birds and animals that came to visit the deck that morning, including all of these sweet little humming birds!


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