Wild Spirit – the Hidden Gem of South Africa

Monica's Walk

The rare ‘lucky chameleon’ that appeared on our doorstep the first day

So far, every single place I have gone on this trip, when I leave, I think to myself: “I must come back to this place.” Italy: I want to go back to explore the Dolomites when the Via Farrata’s and Refugio’s are open. Nepal: I want to delve even deeper into the Buddhist culture there and lose myself in the Himalayas. I hope to do the 3 passes trek in the Kumbu region within the next few years. And then came South Africa. During the first couple of weeks I thought, ‘what a beautiful place. I will certainly come back sometime to hang out with Charlie and road trip around the beaches and hiking scenery. I would love to make it up to Kruger National Game Reservations. But THEN, I arrived at WILD SPIRIT. A peaceful paradise in the middle of nowhere along the garden route near Tsitsikama National Park. Arriving on a whim from a tip given by a random man in a backpackers lodge that I wasn’t staying in, in Cape Town, when I stepped out of the car my entire body tingled with a completely unexpected sense of relaxation and quite honestly pure bliss…

Eating and Relaxation place – delight <3
The large handmade deck looks out onto acres and acres of lush forest and scenery
They are expanding the kitchen into a beautiful masterpiece as I write!´╗┐

Before meeting a single person, it was decided that this would not be a one night stop on the road trip up the Garden Route, but instead, the home base for the rest of the journey. Immediately, instead of ‘wanting to come back sometime’ I just didn’t want to leave at all…ever. Then I was shown around the grounds which includes hikes, waterfall, gardens, yoga/meditation studio, DIY kitchen, lounge, deck, drum circle/fire area and lush landscape, met some of the staff/volunteers or more appropriately referred to as Earth Angels. The healing energy of this place is indescribable and amazingly powerful.

My bliss-filled resting space at Wild Spirit´╗┐

The cottage I slept in overlooked the lush green hills and created the most peaceful little nesting spot for the three nights that I stayed. Interestingly, a rare Chameleon found itself on our front step and when we showed the others they said this was an incredibly lucky find and very special. Of course! We placed him on a branch in the common deck area where he remained for the rest of my stay.

Certainly one of the cutest little angels I’ve ever met!

As hard as I am trying, I just cannot find the words to explain how special this place is. The Earth Angels who run this little piece of Heaven are amazing, as is the owner, Jenny, who I sat and spoke with for a long while on a few occasions. She explained how you can become a part of their ‘extended family’ by volunteering. In exchange for accommodation and food (which is insanely delicious, organic, home grown, made with love nourishment for your soul, dilectibleness – to say the least), you become an Earth Angel and are given a rare opportunity to provide selfless service to the guests that come to stay. What a gift! When is the last time you provided selfless service to strangers (who don’t stay strangers for very long of course) in such a loving and beautiful environment? Besides the fact that the other people you are working with are golden souls of light. Everyone was amazing and talented…and able to use their talents and passions to serve themselves and others. Talk about healing.

Teaching a yoga class in the peaceful yoga/meditation studio

I taught yoga during my stay and it felt amazing. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more, me or the class! After this experience I knew that this place held more than just a relaxing place to sleep and eat for me. I need to return and do more. When I met Jenny, the owner, there was an instant connection from both sides. I felt as if I had known her for years. I just wanted to share everything with her, learn, connect further, take it all in. Ola, another one of the amazing Earth Angels, who is my age, I felt a connection with as well. We talked for quite a while about yoga, healing, life, etc and she told Jenny that I was interested in more than just my current stay at Wild Spirit. It is obvious that Jenny has devoted her life, over the past 30 something years to creating this haven and making it accessible to all who desire to be a part of it. There was much that we discussed, however I will let it remain that most simply, she is beautiful and wise. She told me that although she has had the option to sell it, it is her life work and her passion.

Nightly drum circle area!

Although the pure energy of this place is healing in itself, they are working on intensifying it’s power by creating completely self-sustainable grounds and introducing Wellness based practices as options for the staff and guests. Although they will continue to make it accessible by all who desire to rest here.

There is no question that I will return to this place: to learn, to give, to participate and bring all that I can here. It’s the times when you least expect it that such priceless jewels appear right in front of your face as if to say, HELLO!!!! This is what you’ve been looking for, dreaming about, working towards, here I am! BAMN!

To all the beautiful people at Wild Spirit: Thank you so much for commencing a glorious adventure.
I will see you again soon!

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